Blister Crash Course Video: Tele Skiing

Well, here it is. Watch us struggle to learn how to tele ski, get all sorts of conflicting advice, and maybe(?) make a bit of progress.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed our GEAR:30 podcast to make this happen, and stay tuned for our Crash Course video on snowblading / skiboarding later this year.

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√ 250 Ratings: Tele Skiing

√ 500 Ratings: Snowblading

750 Ratings: Snowboarding

1000 Ratings: Monoskiing

(And Jonathan is currently trying to figure out if our heli-mono-skiing trip in Alaska happens at 1500 ratings, or 5000. He’s a little nervous…)

Blister Crash Course Video: Tele Skiing, BLISTER
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21 comments on “Blister Crash Course Video: Tele Skiing”

  1. Excellent, the funny thing is that when we go through those kind of learnings in our minds eyes we are doing it better than we are – bet you all thought you were bending your knees like Kristin was! Good effort, bring on the next one

  2. Kristin CRUSHING it! I feel like Jonathan just wanted to duct tape his heel down the whole time. At 5:55 was Dylan winding up for a 3 and then decided “eh better not?”

  3. Bwahahaha. Not quite sure those were tele turns, but entertaining nonetheless.

    How do we unlock the crash reel of hip meets snow and over the handle bar blunders? If a bear is learning and never falls….

  4. YAAAAASSSS!!! Kristin , thats some serious tele steeze , making it look easy! Now , onwards to the snowblade video and the debut of Max G. Force!!!

  5. I think that I would be able to ski with you all on normal skis when you’re on teleskis. Very entertaining video. I’m now looking forward to, but at the same time scared for, the eventual 1000 ratings and the monoskiing video.

  6. Very enjoyable. As a race coach, I want to offer advice, but I will just repeat a quote from above: Kristin, that’s some serious tele steeze, making it look easy!

  7. ALLRIGHT ! the event we have all been waiting for !

    have not yet watched it, but the group photo leads me expect a common problem/pet peave : the ”standard length” pole… these tend to induce high hands and very back seat skiing. why alot of us pinheads, especially those of us with monkey arms, opt for shortening the poles. i am 5′ 11” with a 6′ 4” wingspan, i usually set my poles at 108cm.

    now, back to the show…

    • so much fun ! kudos to all y’all for playing !

      so as to not bury the lead, nice skiing Kristin. you should go tele all the time !

      Dylan, Luke, Jonathan, great intro to suffering boys ! you all deserve the “make up” video of showing your rockstar selves on your regular weapons of mass destruction !

      how many reviews for Luke to do a combo tele/fishing video ?

  8. Isn’t tele super fun!? Nice shred Kristin, showing how it’s done! Loved seeing a few turns here and there that really looked like Luke was feeling it, and Dylan too. Hard to say if there is actual evidence of a real tele-sensation turn by Jonathan, maybe he’s more a natural snowblader?

  9. So glad to finally see this! Jonathan seems to have figured it out the most in the video. I’d recommend a steeper slope and more commitment to the turn. Lots of tele-pine turning here! But I good first go none the less.

  10. Check out the book Telemark Tips. It’s fun and helpful. You can’t process all the tips at once. Hopefully some of them help make it all click.

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