Chris Rubens & Greg Hill — The Curve of Time

There’s no denying that anyone who skis or snowboards has a serious impact on the environment, and more than ever, that impact is becoming increasingly felt.

To confront this, professional skiers Chris Rubens and Greg Hill set out to examine their own personal environmental impacts, and made several small changes to their lifestyles that are producing significant results. Their new film, The Curve of Time, follows their journey, and is definitely worth a watch.

(After watching, you can also listen to the conversation we recorded with Greg and Chris about these topics and about the film.)

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  1. Really beautiful, thoughtful, and thought-provoking filmmaking. So articulate about a vital issue but laced with humor and personality. Watching has not only increased my admiration for Chris and Greg (and made me want to hang out with them both!) but it’s encouraged me to seriously reflect on my own life-choices and lifestyle. Congrats!

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