Eric Pollard — “Burning Sidewall”

Last season I spent a lot of time skiing the brand-new Line Sakana, and then expressed my love of that ski in a whole bunch of words.

In that review, I talked about how the ski made me look at the mountain in a new way, which isn’t something that I’ve said about many other skis.

But it’s also difficult to put into words the style of skiing that the Sakana inspires, because it doesn’t really feel like any other ski I’ve been on.

Fortunately, Eric Pollard (the guy that, you know, designed the Sakana), just produced a short film that showcases the kind of super-smooth, surfy, carvy, and playful style of skiing that I think the Sakana caters to. Titled “Burning Sidewall,” the video features Pollard himself, James Griffin, and the ridiculously smooth Rob Heule shredding all around Mt. Hood.

I love this video because I think it really illustrates what the Sakana is all about. From the music to Pollard and Heule’s casual carves, Burning Sidewall sums up exactly how the Sakana makes me want to ski (though you won’t find me skiing it switch anytime soon).

Check out the video, and for more on the Sakana, check out our review.

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  1. While the overall feel of the two skis is similar, the Pescado is still 20 mm wider than the Sakana, so the Sakana feels significantly quicker edge-to-edge and in my opinion just better all-around on firm snow. The Pescado is going to do significantly better in deep snow. So if you’re considering adding one of these two skis to your quiver I think it just comes down to what you prioritize more — do you want a pow ski that carves well for its width (Pescado), or do you want more of an all-mountain ski that carves incredibly well and does pretty well in powder for its width (Sakana)?

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