ON3P — “3”

Over the past few years, the ON3P team has grown to include many of the most influential “New Wave” skiers, like Magnus Graner (still one of our favorite Blister Podcast guests ever), LSM, Siver Voll, Forster Meeks, Jake Mageau, Eirik Moberg (aka Kryptoskier), and several others who are bringing a level of creativity and style to the park game that continues to push the envelope of what is and isn’t possible on skis.

Love it or hate it, whatever. But you can’t ignore it. The New Wave movement is something different than what we saw in skiing just 3-4 years ago — we’ve traded triple corks for nose-butter 7’s, bow-and-arrow grabs for pre-safeties, and Magnus Graner has basically made lips onto rails irrelevant, as he seems to be able to nollie onto just about anything.

So if you’re wondering what’s new and hot in park skiing, this is it. “ON3P 3” basically sums up the movement perfectly.

Give the full film a watch:

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