Seeking Nirvana 3.2 — “Hard Nose The Highway”

Amidst the massive amount of internet skiing content currently being put out, Seeking Nirvana is far and away my favorite. If you’re not familiar with the Seeking Nirvana crew and their web series, I highly recommend checking out their entire portfolio.

Comprised of Joe Schuster, Matt Margetts, Mike Henitiuk, and Riley Leboe, the Seeking Nirvana guys bring something unique to the world of ski edits. Their combination of impressive big-mountain skiing, Wes-Anderson-inspired cinematography and editing, and a not-so-serious overall feel come together to create something unlike anything else currently being produced in skiing.

The skiing is awesome, but what really does it for me is Seeking Nirvana’s ability to capture the less tangible elements of what it feels like to explore wild places with your good friends.

They just dropped their most recent episode, which takes place in the northern part of British Columbia. If you need a break from work and / or an excuse to dream about the upcoming season, give it a watch.

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