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The two winners of our Gear Giveaway this week will each get a pair of Jackal II shoes from La Sportiva!

Win Shoes from La Sportiva, BLISTER

Featuring a wide toe box and a well-cushioned midsole, the revamped Jackal II is designed to be a versatile companion for every run, no matter the distance or terrain. Plus, the new Jackal II comes equipped with a new lightweight upper made from eco-friendly materials that allows the shoe to be nearly an ounce lighter than its predecessor. In addition, La Sportiva uses an innovative midsole in the Jackal II that combines Infinitoo™ Polyurethane inserts with compressed EVA to create a soft yet responsive ride designed to help power trail runners over any type of terrain or distance.

Enter below before Friday, August 25th for your chance to win!

(Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday in our Blister Newsletter. Must be 18 or older. This particular giveaway is limited to persons with a North American shipping address.)

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    • As it says every week, (in this particular giveaway, right under the photo): “Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday in our Blister Newsletter.”

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