Win ZipFit Liners and a Delaine Ski Sweater

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The winner of our Gear Giveaway this week will get Delaine’s “Downhill Racer” ski sweater as well as any ski boot liner from ZipFit’s collection!

Win ZipFit Liners and a Delaine Ski Sweater, BLISTER
ZipFi GFT Liner
Win ZipFit Liners and a Delaine Ski Sweater, BLISTER
Delaine Downhill Racer Ski Sweater

Delaine makes comfortable and warm ski sweaters designed in vintage fashion. Their “Downhill Racer” sweater is modeled after a 1969 film of the same name. High-quality and stylish, their sweaters are a favorite of editor Kristin Sinnott, who sports them regularly, including in our Snow Blading Crash Course video.

Additionally, we’ve talked a lot about ZipFit on our site and on our GEAR:30 podcast, and for good reason: their liners are not only highly customizable and able to achieve remarkably snug-yet-comfortable fits, but they’re also exceptionally durable. Several of our reviewers have been able to get 600+ days out of a single pair of ZipFits, with the liners often outlasting their boot shells. What’s even better is that ZipFit’s proprietary cork can be added and removed as needed, in order to keep the ideal fit for years to come. And with several liners to choose from, whether for alpine skiing, backcountry touring, or even racing, there’s a ZipFit model for everyone.

They were a massive hit at our 2023 Blister Summit this past week, with nearly every person who tried a pair ending up purchasing it — including several of our reviewers who had yet to try them. That’s a pretty impressive success rate.

Want to try them yourself? Enter before Friday, February 24th for your chance to win!

(Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday in our Blister Newsletter.)

By entering, you’ll receive our tri-weekly Blister newsletter, where we’ll (a) announce each week the winner of our previous Gear Giveaway, (b) provide a roundup of the news and our highest-profile reviews of the past few days, and (c) offer sneak peeks of the products we’re currently reviewing. It’s good times for sure, so don’t miss out. You’ll also be kept up to date on what’s new at Zipfit and Delaine.

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  1. Would absolutely love these – have some funky foot shapes and these would make all the difference!

    The sweater would set off my Wayne Wong-esque white Vallon Ski Aviator sunglasses for shiz.

    • You have to enter before the Giveaway ends. (Once it ends, we remove the “ENTER” button.)

      As it is written above in the description: “Enter before Friday, February 24th for your chance to win!”

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