Line Announces New 23/24 Chronic 94 & Chronic 101

The Chronic has served as (one of) Line’s freestyle skis for many years now, and today they announced the latest update: the revised 2023-2024 Chronic 94 and brand-new Chronic 101.

The two skis share a lot in common, with both being designed as freestyle-oriented models that can be used all over the mountain as well as the park. The Chronic 94 slots into the middle of their freestyle range in terms of stiffness; not as stiff as the Tom Wallisch Pro, but not as soft as the Blend, while the new Chronic 101 fills the void left between the narrower park models and the wider Bacon 108 (more on that ski in the future).

Both of the new Chronics feature a few new bits of tech from Line, starting with their overhauled “Thin Tip” construction. Essentially, it extends the wood core to very close to the ends of the ski, and then encapsulates it with a fiberglass-on-fiberglass bond around the very end, with the goal of both reducing swing weight and decreasing the chances of delamination propagation. Following that durability trend, the new Chronic 94 and Chronic 101 also feature extended “Thick Cut Sidewalls” for improved impact protection, as well as Line’s “Fatty Base and Edge,” which are 1.7 mm and 2×2.5 mm thick, respectively.

Lastly, the Chronic 94 and Chronic 101 are the first skis to feature a new bio-based resin, which reportedly offers better bonding, “improved cold temperature toughness,” and a 20% reduction in the carbon footprint of the resin.

The Chronic 94 and Chronic 101 are available now with a special Traveling Circus graphic, designed by Line athlete, Sami Ortlieb; we’ll be spending more time on them very soon, following our first laps on them at the Blister Summit this week. Stay tuned.

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