2023 Icelantic Ski Collection | Blister Summit Brand Lineup

We talk with Icelantic Skis marketing director, Hanna Whirty, about the past, present, and future of Icelantic; their focus on durability and 3-year warranty; the role of graphics at Icelantic; and then we run through all the different collections in Icelantic’s 2022-2023 lineup.

Presented by: Whistlepig Whiskey & Athletic Brewing

Learn more about the Blister Summit here


  • Hanna’s Background 00:00
  • Icelantic’s Graphics 5:06
  • Durability & Warranty 8:14
  • Icelantic Nomad & Maiden Freeride Series 10:17
  • Icelantic Saba Pro & Nia Pro 14:38
  • Touring Skis: Nomad Lite, Maiden Lite, Natural, & Mystic 20:13
  • Icelantic Pioneer & Riveter All-Mountain Series 23:26


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1 comment on “2023 Icelantic Ski Collection | Blister Summit Brand Lineup”

  1. Great video as always. Are you all going to have a chance to review any of the Pioneer/Riveter series? Interested how they’d differ from the Nomads.

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