Backcountry Safety & Backcountry Safety Equipment | BLISTER Summit ’22 Panel Discussion

We cover a number of important backcountry-safety topics with Backcountry Access (BCA) co-founder, Bruce Edgerly; Salomon skier & filmmaker, Drew Petersen; lead guide, snow safety director, & former ski patroller, Megan Paden; & lead avalanche forecaster, Zach Guy.

Presented by: Whistlepig Whiskey & Athletic Brewing

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  • Introductions 00:00
  • Education / Perceptions About Avy Safety Gear 5:28
  • Avalanche Airbags as Essential Safety Eqpt? 13:55
  • When In Doubt, Airbag It Out? 21:11
  • How Can New Users Enter The Backcountry Safely? 25:15
  • Media & Showcasing Backcountry Travel 33:49
  • “Wake-Up Call” Moments 39:35
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  1. One area that a lot of new b c skiers need to work on is having solid basic skiing skills, this is where the resort comes in to play ski all conditions all different slopes take a lesson, ski with someone better, video yourself and learn to ski better everyday every year, it will make the different condition in the b c safer and you will more fun! It’s not all hero snow out there.

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