Blister Labs: the Evolution of Outdoor Gear Testing  | Blister Summit 2023 Video

How are we advancing the state of ski testing? At Blister Summit 2023, we brought together Jeni Blacklock, Sean Humbert, Leo Beuken, and Travis Hainsworth to discuss what we’ve been working on and why it matters, and we announce our latest initiative that we’ll be rolling out soon: Blister Community Reviews.

Blister Labs is a partnership between BLISTER, the University of Colorado Boulder, and Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado. Learn more here


Learn more about the Blister Summit here


  • Intros & Project Background 00:00
  • Accounting for In-Field Variables 15:17
  • Benefits to End Users? 18:57
  • Impact of Different Skier Abilities 23:50
  • Using Data to Recommend Specific Products 24:49
  • Data Rollout Plans 30:43
  • New Project: Blister Community Reviews 34:42
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