How We Test & Review Gear, Pt 2 | BLISTER Summit ’22 Panel Discussion

In Part Two of our panel on gear testing, Blister reviewers, Luke Koppa, Kristin Sinnott, Jonathan Ellsworth, and Sascha Anastas provide their perspectives about how they approach testing and reviewing gear; how this applies to anyone trying something new; how to make the most of a ski demo; and more.

Presented by: Whistlepig Whiskey & Athletic Brewing

How We Test & Review Gear, Pt 1

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  • Introductions 00:00
  • Approaches When First Trying a Product 3:45
  • Reference Points & Eliminating Variables 8:29
  • Not Dismissing a Product After One Run 12:53
  • Reviewing for “Me” vs. “Everyone” 13:44
  • How Much Research We do Before Testing a Product 18:09
  • Our Individual Product Preferences 21:56
  • The Benefits of Demos for Anyone 29:45
  • How Long to Test a Product? 35:40
  • Bindings’ Impacts on Ski Performance 41:33
  • Male vs. Female Experiences on Unisex Skis 47:20
  • Ski Length Preferences & Advising Others on Length 49:15
  • Uniform Feel Across Different Lengths of a Given Ski 53:52
  • Manufacturing Tolerances & Consistency Across Products 57:24
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