Ski Design in 2022 | BLISTER Summit ’22 Panel Discussion

We talk with Jed Yeiser (K2), Mike McCabe (Folsom), Jake Stevens (Rossignol), and Cyrus Schenck (Renoun) about the current state of ski design; current trends; future trends and potential advancements in ski design; and more.

Presented by: Whistlepig Whiskey & Athletic Brewing

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  • Introductions 00:00
  • Current Trends? 4:44
  • Length-Specific Constructions 11:56
  • Are Lighter Skis Getting Better? 30:44
  • Loyalty Programs for Skis? 42:10
  • Supply Chain Challenges & Innovations 47:03
  • Torsional Stiffness 49:08
  • Prototyping Process 51:32
  • Women-Specific Skis 54:16
  • What’s The Next Revolution? 1:01:36
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  1. I left this comment on this YouTube video. Kudo’s to you guys for producing so much incredible content. This is great albeit overwhelming in volume. Keep it up!!!

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