Luke Koppa & Jonathan Ellsworth review the Marker Duke PT 16 for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

2020-2021 Marker Duke PT 16

Marker’s Duke PT is the latest binding that lets you skin uphill in a “tech” toe, but ski down in what’s essentially an alpine binding. Check out our video & written review to see just how it works, and how it compares to the competition.
Paul Forward reviews the Fritschi Xenic 10 for Blister.

2020-2021 Fritschi Xenic 10

The category of lightweight (~300 g) touring bindings has been expanding & improving over the last few years, and the Fritschi Xenic 10 is the most recent addition. Check out our full review to see how it compares to the competition.
Blister's Lightweight Touring Binding Shootout

Lightweight Touring Binding Shootout

We’ve now covered several of the most interesting lightweight touring bindings for 18/19 (including the new G3 ZED), and now we’re comparing them to show where, exactly, each binding stands out, which one might make the most sense for you, and how this lightweight category of bindings compares to heavier touring bindings like the Salomon / Atomic Shift, Marker Kingpin, and Fritschi Tecton.
Blister Gear Review

CAST Freetour Upgrade Kit

The CAST Freetour is the only option out there that lets you ski down on a dedicated alpine binding, and skin up with a tech toe. Check out our full review, including comparisons to the Atomic / Salomon SHIFT binding and other touring bindings.
Blister reviews the Atomic Backland Tour / Salomon MTN binding

2020-2021 Salomon MTN Pure / Atomic Backland Pure

While the Salomon / Atomic Shift binding is a revolutionary piece of ski equipment, Salomon and Atomic also make a touring binding on the much lighter and simpler end of the spectrum. So is the MTN / Backland Tour as game-changing as the Shift? And how does it compare to the other options in the lightweight touring binding category?
Blister reviews the Dynafit TLT Speed binding

2020-2021 Dynafit TLT Speed

The Dynafit TLT Speed is the newest lightweight touring binding from Dynafit. But with all the new competition in the tech-binding category, how does the TLT Speed compare to the other options out there? Check out our full review.
Luke Koppa reviews the Dynafit ST Rotation 10 for Blister

2020-2021 Dynafit ST Rotation 10

This year, Dynafit released the ST Rotation 10, the next evolution of their popular Radical series of bindings. Check out our full review to see what’s different with the ST Rotation 10, and how it compares to some other options on the market.