Eric Freson

Age: 31 | Vitals: 5’’10” 165 lbs | Years biking: 26 | Current Residence: Gunnison Valley, Colorado

Eric Freson; Blister Bio
I grew up in small-town Vermont, and was encouraged to get outside from a very young age. My first bike was a 20” BMX bike that our USPS Delivery Woman gifted to me and that I rode the rubber off of. And my first “real” mountain bike was actually a women’s-model Mongoose (with a slanted top tube), so that I had the standover clearance to touch the ground.

I came to fully develop my love for bikes by riding to and from my elementary school on our local trails, and from reading issues of Mountain Bike Action on long, scenic car rides.

The aesthetics of bikes and the opportunities they afford keep me captivated to this day. Early on I tried my hand racing Cross Country, but lost enthusiasm after moving up to Elites and getting stomped. From there, I found my way to Downhill bikes and racing, and enjoyed traveling and racing for years. Killington, VT was in my backyard, and it was a great location to build skills and stay pinned. I’d also claim to be an early adopter of snow / winter biking (3.0 Gazzaloddi was as fat as it got then), creating tracks in the hills behind my house during the winter months in the snow and railing ruts.

Eric Freson; Blister Bio
Eric Freson

Upon moving to Colorado to complete my undergrad work, I continued to race competitively on the collegiate team with the opportunity to travel nationally, and generally had far too much fun. Over the last decade or so, I now mostly focus on self-improvement, lowering lap times, and harboring a mild Strava addiction rather than outright competition. But I still enjoy a solid weekend of Enduro racing from time to time. Gunnison and Crested Butte have over 750 miles of amazing singletrack, and I’m still enjoying finding my own limits of speed, distance, and stamina.

Bikes have allowed me the opportunity to compete, work with some amazing photographers and videographers, and in general, meet people and see new places. I’m so grateful.

Some Favorite Bike Equipment:
DT Swiss 240 hubs, ESI grips, Renthal Fatbars, Troy Lee Designs Speed pads, cheetah print, single speeds.

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