Elyse Saugstad, Big Mtn Skier (Ep.74)

Elyse Saugstad is one of the best big mountain skiers in the game, and we spoke with her a few days ago as she was packing her bags to head back to South America.

Elyse Saugstad on the Blister Podcast
Elyse Saugstad (photo by Tal Roberts)

Elyse and I talked about the soon-to-be-released film, All In, from Matchstick Productions, about the evolution of All In, and the experience of teaming up with several other big mountain rock stars, Angel Collinson, Michelle Parker, and Tatum Monod:

We then talk about growing up in Alaska, and Elyse gives an update on Safe As Clinics, which is the backcountry education program she co-founded. And then we get into a whole bunch of other stuff, too, so just know that this is a fun conversation and an inspiring one, since Elyse is very actively showing all of us the value of continuing to seek out new ways to challenge ourselves and grow.


  • Packing for Portillo / What are you up to? (2:50)
  • Skiing & filming with Angel Collinson, Michelle Parker, and Tatum Monod (4:25)
  • How the *All In* film evolved (11:20)
  • Growing up in Girdwood, Alaska (20:10)
  • Figure Skating & Ski Racing (22:15)
  • Dance & Ballet (30:35)
  • Who were you looking up to as a young skier? (32:42)
  • Safe As Clinics & Backcountry Education (37:35)
  • Surfing, sports in general, and the rewards of seeing improvement (44:10)
  • If not skiing, what would you be doing? (50:46)


The 750+ Miles of Trail in Gunnison/Crested Butte, CO

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