Matt Pincus of TrainingBeta (Ep.16)

Matt Pincus is a climber’s climber, deeply committed to the sport and the community. He’s also the content manager and head coach / trainer at TrainingBeta, and a Blister alumn. Suffice it to say, when it comes to improving your climbing, the guy knows his stuff. Since the days back when he and I used to trade notes while reviewing gear, he has taken his life on the road, climbing as much as possible and sharing his wisdom and experience with others through coaching sessions and writing. We caught up recently to talk about what he’s learned along the way, how it’s shaped his climbing, and what his perspective is on the trendiness of “training.”

Matt Pincus of TrainingBeta on Blister's All Things Climbing Podcast
Matt Pincus


  • Intro (0:00)
  • Bivouac Coffee (1:50)
  • How Matt transitioned to being a full-time climber (3:00)
  • How do you stay psyched to train? (6:50)
  • What’s your motivation for climbing hard? (12:20)
  • Has the trend in training over-emphasized hang boarding and under-emphasized technique? (15:45)
  • What’s Matt’s own training approach? (24:00)
  • What’s fun about coaching other people? (29:10)
  • Bouldering as movement distilled (36:00)
  • Importance of skin maintenance (41:50)
  • Quality training instead of over-training (45:30)
  • How would you summarize your ideas about training? (48:01)
  • What the biggest change happening in climbing? (57:00)
  • Outro (59:50)


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  1. Great content guys! Well done! Keep up the good work !
    By the way, I heard you say about 90 times “you know”, and then Matt picked it up and it was a “you know” battle, quite a filler you got here :-)

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