Kristin van der Kloot

Age: 29 | Vitals: 5’2”, ~100 lbs. | Years Climbing: 9 | Current Residence: Stamford, CT

I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors. I grew up skiing, climbing, backpacking, surfing…you name it; as long as it was outside, I loved it. Last year I quit my job at a large accounting firm to pursue a career in the outdoor industry, which has allowed me to spend more (if not most) of my time doing the activities I love. While I spend most of my time climbing, I also find myself hitting the running trails, surfing, and getting into the backcountry to ski, depending on the season.

Kristin Van Der Kloot reviews the Black Diamond Vector Helmet for Blister
Kristin van der Kloot.

My passion for climbing started young. As a toddler, I’d use my dad as a human climbing wall (but a shoulder summit just didn’t cut it for me). I soon progressed to buying rope by the foot from the hardware store, and fashioning it into a harness that I’d use to rappel down my neighbor’s trees. Eventually my parents gave in and bought me a membership to a local climbing gym, and the rest is history.

Kristin van der Kloot, Blister Bio
Kristin van der Kloot

Since then, I’ve grown my climbing skills outside in the mountains around New York, Vermont and Colorado, but most notably, the Grand Teton in Wyoming. I really enjoy seeing the different features of each mountain range, but also meeting all kinds of people (and their dogs!) along the way.

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