Moment Blister Pro: the History

[Editor’s Note: You can now order the 18/19 Blister Pro here.]

You’ve been asking, and now we can confirm: the Blister Pro is coming back for its 5th season.

We’re currently working with Moment on the graphics, but today we wanted to (1) let everyone know that the Blister Pro is indeed coming back, and (2) revisit the history of how and why this special edition of the ski came to be for those who might not know the whole backstory.

It all started with the original Moment Bibby Pro, which Jonathan Ellsworth and Joe Augusten were skiing well before Jonathan had ever thought of starting Blister. Back then, as Jonathan put it, “It’s not like we’d skied everything out there, we just knew that we loved what this ski could do.”

Will Brown had also just started skiing the Bibby right around when Jonathan started Blister, and we actually had him post