Marshal Olson

Age: 32 | Vitals: 6’2” 208 lbs. | Years skiing: 31 | Current Residence: Cottonwood Heights, Utah


I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, raised in a family culture that lived and breathed outdoor activities. My grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and cousins all ski patrolled at the “local” ski hill, Devil’s Head. We spent every free minute during the winter there, literally from the time I could walk. Skiing is what we did, all winter long. It was never about racing or competing, it was about having fun and enjoying the mountain.

In the summer, I was an ultra competitive soccer player, tried out for junior nationals when I was 16 & 17, won all state honors in high school, and was heavily recruited by a number of top Division 1 programs. While I was set to accept a scholarship to one of these schools, the pull of the mountains was fierce, so I dropped it all and moved to Colorado a few months after my 18th birthday.

I have worked in the ski industry ever since, beginning as a rep for Salomon when I was 19, learning the art of ski tuning and mounting as a ski tech, then managing high end retailers that carried both ski and bike equipment by the age of 22. I now work as the Retail Sales Manager for DPS Skis, occasionally ski in freeride competitions, and get to shoot with elite photographers for catalogs and advertisements.

Marshal Olson, BLISTER
Marshal, Berthoud pass, Knife Edge / No Name. (photo by Dave Bourassa)

These days I spend at least 50% of my days touring the backcountry, looking for long, steep lines that are filled with rock features, and attempt to put nice, continuous tracks down imposing faces. I spend my time inbounds always looking to smoothly ski the best snow I can find. I believe in efficient skiing and that through precise movements and lots of practice, skiing can be an art, one that nobody can truly master.

In the summer in Colorado, when the soft snow is gone, you ride a mountain bike. There are thousands of miles of beautiful, pristine land to ride, and a number of exceptional lift-access bike parks. I love to ride my bike. I have raced cross country, short-track, and downhill, and shot with photographers for magazines. I appreciate all disciplines of mountain biking, be it freeride jumps and drops, epic singletrack, or high speed downhill racing. I see them all as single facets of a complex sport.

Marshal Olson, BLISTER
Marshal, Silky Johnson trail, SolVista bike park. (photo by Ted Van Orman)

Some favorite ski equipment:

2010 DPS Wailer 112RP, PURE, 190cm , 2010 Dynafit FT 12 Touring Binding, 2010 Marker Jester Alpine Binding, 2010 Nordica Jah Love Alpine Boot, 2011 Dynafit Titan Touring Boot

Some favorite bike equipment:

Formula ONE disc brakes, Yeti Mountain bike frames, Morewood Mountain bike frames, Avalanche Downhill Racing suspension, Rockshox Suspension Forks

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