Tucker Nixon

Age: 22 | Vitals: 5’11”, 180 lbs. | Years skiing: 12 | Current Residence: Burlington, Vermont

Originally from Maine, I grew up skiing a little bit of everything in New England.

Tucker Nixon, Blister Gear Review
Tucker Nixon

Currently, I attend the University of Vermont and claim Stowe as my home mountain. I have a tendency to ski whatever is good at any given time, but it just so happens that on the east coast that means a lot of days in the park. I have never been super competitive in park, but that hasn’t deterred me from constantly progressing.

Tucker reviewing the Fischer Nightstick, Blister Gear Review
Tucker Nixon on the Fischer Nighstick.

Skiing for me has definitely been a major compass on how I live my life. Class schedules are set up every semester to maximize time on the snow, and when I’m not in school or out skiing, I’m running the UVM Ski & Snowboard Club.

Even though my field of study is Nuclear Medicine and much of time is spent studying, I feel a strong urge to be in the mountains and I can only imagine where that will bring me next.

Equipment I don’t ski without: Causwell Hooded Baselayer, Booster Straps, Rossignol FKS

Skis I am stoked on: Moment Deathwish, Fischer Nightstick

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