Alpenglow Mtn Festival + Stuff We Learned during Spring Ski Testing (Ep.20)

We talk with Blister editors, Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen, about the recent Alpenglow Mountain Festival and running with our hero, Courtney Dauwalter. Then we talk about some of the key things we learned during our ski testing this spring, including the correct thing to think about Domino’s thin-crust pizza, some dumb gear, and some great gear.

Spring Ski Testing on the blister GEAR:30 podcast
Blister reviewer Joey Teahan shows Sam Shaheen how to pond skim while Sam searches for his skis.


  • Luke’s recap of the Alpenglow Summer Mountain Festival (2:01)
  • In praise of our hero, Courtney Dauwalter (4:02)
  • Rants & Revelations from our spring ski testing – #1: Domino’s thin-crust pizza (7:36)
  • Recommendation #2: Primus Kuchoma Grill (11:05)
  • On Hubris – groomers & pond skims (12:08)
  • Rant #1: waterproof jackets: hard shells vs soft shells (19:05)
  • Rant #2: socks (24:14)
  • Rant #3: waterproof low-cut shoes (26:33)
  • Recommendation #3: the new Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody (28:18)
  • Recommendation #4: the redesigned Flylow Richie Hoody (29:15)

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3 comments on “Alpenglow Mtn Festival + Stuff We Learned during Spring Ski Testing (Ep.20)”

  1. dorks !!! not gonna abide by anything you guys say about anything ever again ! i want the subscription back. i am shipping the skis back. hopefully, i can get my self respect back…

    actually, nice to hear y’all being a little loose. keep up the good work, and the dorky good times !

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