Anneke Beerten on Racing, ‘Badass’ Books, & Big Ideas (Ep. 34)


  • Racing the So Cal Enduro & Snow Summit DH (1:57)
  • The Story of Dylan & Anneke (4:32)
  • Favorite type of terrain to race (9:47)
  • Growing up & getting into racing (11:35)
  • Who did you look up to as a young racer? (14:39)
  • Favorite EWS stops (22:45)
  • Riding for Specialized (24:35)
  • Bike setup: what are you pickiest about? (26:58)
  • Racing in the time of Covid (32:09)
  • Ten Beers (36:53)
  • Badass Books & Big Ideas? (37:51)
  • Racing to get a green card (45:01)

Anneke Beerten was born in the Netherlands, started racing BMX when she was 4 years old, then became a 2-time world champion in BMX, a 3-time Four-cross world champion, the Queen of Crankworx, and she’s won, podiumed, and top 5’d many enduro, DH, DS races. She also just won the So Cal Enduro and Snow Summit DH. So Blister reviewer, Dylan Wood, and I caught up with Anneke to talk about racing; what she’s up to these days; ‘badass’ books; business ideas; and you’ll get to hear about ‘the story of Dylan and Anneke.’

Anneke Beerten
A poster of Anneke Beerten, hanging in reviewer Dylan Wood's childhood bedroom.

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