Blister at Outdoor Retailer / SIA 2018

Blister at Outdoor Retailer / SIA 2018

Hey, everybody — greetings from downtown Denver. We just wrapped up 4 long days at the Outdoor Retailer / SIA Snow Show, where we had a chance to check out all the new gear for the 2018-2019 season. We put a bunch of coverage on our Instagram Stories, and if you’re not a follower already, you can follow us on Instagram for updates on all the new products, and what we’re reviewing.

We’ve already published our First Looks of K2’s new lightweight alpine boots, the Recon and Luv series, as well as the revamped 2018-2019 Atomic Bent Chetler 120.

We’ll be publishing a Gear:30 podcast very soon where we go over the standout products, overall trends, and the products we most wanted to steal from the show. Then, we’ll be posting our 8th Annual Blister SIA Awards, so stay tuned for more…

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