Blister Summit Brand Lineups: Black Crows Skis 21/22

We talk to the Black Crows’ Tristan Droppert about the entire 21/22 lineup, several brand-new skis like the Mirus Cor and Serpo; their “Birdie” lineup for women (or anyone); and how to correctly pronounce the names of all of these skis!


  • Intro / skiing chalk 00:00
  • Black Crows Nocta 1:17
  • Black Crows Anima 3:39
  • Black Crows Atris 6:38
  • Black Crows Corvus 9:17
  • Black Crows Justis 15:08
  • Black Crows Camox 18:09
  • Black Crows Serpo 19:29
  • Black Crows Captis 25:03
  • Black Crows Mirus Cor 27:40
  • Black Crows Orb 30:34
  • Black Crows Vertis 30:54
  • Black Crows Arto 31:36
  • Women’s skis: Black Crows “Birdie” line 33:27
  • Black Crows “Freebird” line 36:47
  • Black Crows Ferox Freebird & Corvus Freebird 37:31
  • Black Crows Navis Freebird 39:53
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5 comments on “Blister Summit Brand Lineups: Black Crows Skis 21/22”

  1. Hi do you do a twin rocker about 163 long for male 75 years Intermediate
    72 kilograms 168 tall fun ski
    Regards Paul

  2. Great video and good to get the low down on the full range. Hope you can get on more of them incl the Nocta.

    Have always said A-tris too but surely At-ris is actually consistent with An-ima. If you follow the logic of A-tris then it would be A-nima and that’s probably not what you want to call a ski as it’s a bit similar to enema, which maybe is a good name if the objective of the ski is to make you crap yourself

  3. Thanks – qq, Is there any change in the Nocta, aside from top sheet compared to the 2019 version? Thank you

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