Camo is the New Black: Interbike 2017 (Ep.56)

We are coming to you live on location in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Interbike 2017, and we talk to Blister bike editor, Noah Bodman, about the current state of Interbike; the most intriguing bikes we rode; the most interesting products we’ve seen; and the most bizarre stuff to grace the trade show floor.


  • The current state of Interbike (1:00)
  • Interbike location: Vegas vs. Reno (2:40)
  • Who are the biggest non-motor-having bike manufacturers here? (10:27)
  • Most interesting bikes we rode: Zerode Taniwha & Marin Wolf Ridge (12:35)
  • e-camouflage-hunting-fatbikes! (17:35)
  • New coil forks (20:08)
  • Should Interbike happen at a different time of year? (22:00)

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