Claudio Caluori on Redbull Rampage, DH, & the Meaning of Life (Ep.58)

Today we’re talking with Claudio Caluori, whose course previews of Redbull Rampage and the World Cup DH events are pretty much the best thing on the internet. So if you somehow haven’t seen Claudio’s course previews, we’ve included links below to a couple of them.

Claudio Caluori on Redbull Rampage on the Blister Podcast
Claudio Caluori, Redbull Rampage.

And if you’ve seen even 1 or 2 of Claudio’s previews – or listened to him do commentary for the DH circuit or Redbull Rampage – you already know that he is an interesting guy — and pretty damn funny. But in this conversation, Claudio and I wade into some topics that I am certain you have never heard him discuss, so you are probably going to want to listen to the end.

Given that Redbull Rampage officially kicks off tomorrow, October 27, Claudio and I start by talking about the rowdiest action sports event in the world, and we get Claudio’s unfiltered thoughts about it.

Claudio Caluori on Redbull Rampage on the Blister Podcast
Kyle Jameson, Red Bull Rampage, Virgin, Utah. (photo by Christian Pondella)

He and I then talk about this past World Cup DH season, and, if aliens were to come down and race for the fate of the world, which rider Claudio would pick to save the planet. From there, we talk about Claudio’s company, Velosolutions … which then turns into a discussion about the Meaning of Life; Elon Musk and why Claudio is concerned about Musk’s intentions; and Claudio’s grand vision for Velosolutions and for global energy solutions.

So whether you tuned in just to hear Claudio talk about Rampage or you’re looking for some insight into the meaning of life, we think you’re probably going to find this conversation pretty interesting.


  • Why is Claudio in Beijing? (3:49)
  • How would you describe Rampage in a single sentence? (5:10)
  • Claudio’s pick for our “Rampage No-Fear Zombie” Award (8:32)
  • What would your choice be for the next Rampage venue? (20:58)
  • Biggest surprise of this past DH season? (22:45)
  • Aliens vs. 1 DH rider for the fate of the world – who would you pick? (26:59)
  • Any news about the SCOTT team or new SCOTT products? (28:38)
  • What is Velosolutions, what is its mission, and what are you guys up to? (30:03)
  • WARNING: soccer players might get triggered here (31:28)
  • The Meaning of Life (38:58)
  • Elon Musk and Claudio’s suspicions about his intentions (41:25)
  • Claudio’s Grand Vision (50:30)


Claudio’s Rampage Preview, 2016

Claudio’s Rampage Preview, 2015

Claudio’s WC DH Val Di Sole Preview, 2017

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