Cody Townsend on The FIFTY Project (Ep.78)

We talk to Cody Townsend about his massive new undertaking to ski 50 classic North American lines. We discuss his approach to The FIFTY Project; how it’s going so far; dealing with its incredibly tricky logistics; which lines are the most daunting; what gear he is using; and more.

Cody Townsend discusses his FIFTY project on the Blister Podcast
Cody Townsend, British Columbia. (photo by Weston Shirey)


  • What is The Fifty Project, and how did it come to be? (3:00)
  • Which of the 50 lines are the most daunting? (7:04)
  • “A very involved day” — skiing Mt Currie yesterday with Chris Rubens (22:32)
  • How do you set plans when you’re dealing with extremely unpredictable conditions? (28:30)
  • Cody’s transition from big-mountain freeriding to ski mountaineering (31:35)
  • What skis, boots, bindings, & safety gear are you using on these different lines? (37:52)
  • Cody’s goal with Kilian Jornet (40:32)
  • Cody’s “Three Levels of Safety / Rescue” (42:45)

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2 comments on “Cody Townsend on The FIFTY Project (Ep.78)”

  1. Great interview with Cody Townsend. I’m thoroughly impressed with Cody and his very humble and down to earth approach to his project. I’ll be following this and routing for his success. It sure would be fun to join in on a segment if possible. Go Cody! Thanks Jonathan for posting this interview!

  2. My reaction to this podcast swing from envy to excitement, to nervous anticipation, a little nausea, and then back to envy. A serious endeavour! I’ve looked into a couple of these objectives and they scare and excite the hell out of me. Cody sounds like the right guy for the task with a good mindset and up for some serious adventure. Best of luck.

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