Danny Davis on Peace Park, the Olympics, and More (Ep.61)

Danny Davis is known for his creativity as a rider, but he also has an enormous passion and a strong vision for the sport of snowboarding that — whether or not you’re a snowboarder — is quite inspiring.

Snowboarder Danny Davis talking about Peace Park on the Blister Podcast
Snowboarder Danny Davis (photo by Dean Blotto Gray)

Danny is an extremely accomplished and well-rounded rider, and while he might have made a name for himself in the halfpipe, Danny and I start the conversation by talking about splitboarding, and why he spent so much time this past season in the backcountry.

I also talk to Danny about his event — Peace Park 6 — that airs this Sunday, November 26th, on ABC at 3 p.m. EST / 2 p.m Pacific. If you don’t know Peace Park, it is without question one of the coolest events not just in snowboarding, but in all of snowsports — and my advice is that skiers ought to pay very close attention to what Danny’s got going with Peace Park then steal an idea or two from Danny’s event.

In our conversation, Danny and I talk about what makes Peace Park so unique, why he thinks it’s pretty critical for the future success of snowboarding, and why it ought to have its own tour and probably ought to become its own unique discipline.

Danny and I also talk about the Olympics, contest culture and the halfpipe and slopestyle scene, and throughout our conversation, Danny offers his take on some fellow riders like Shaun White, Scotty James, Ben Ferguson, Terje Haakonsen, and Scotty Lago.

Whether you love snowboarding, or climbing or skiing or skating or surfing, I guarantee that you will come away from this conversation viewing the sports your most passionate about with fresh eyes.


  • Danny’s health & contest culture (3:31)
  • Why Danny was splitboarding so much last season (6:28)
  • The beauty of going from the backcountry to the halfpipe and back (14:23)
  • The advantages of being an older, more experienced rider in halfpipe contests (24:50)
  • “Technical” tricks vs. “Stylish” tricks (35:47)
  • What is Peace Park, and what makes it so unique (and awesome)? (46:05)
  • On Peace Park becoming its own new discipline (54:00)
  • On the Olympics & the need for a unified snowboarding tour (1:00:40)
  • On the east-coast qualifying event for Peace Park 6 (1:09:40)
  • Danny’s upcoming contest schedule (1:14:20)

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