Angel Collinson – Big Mountain Skier (Ep.10)

This week on the podcast, we talk to one of our favorite skiers, Angel Collinson. Angel is on fire right now, and her current trajectory is somewhere up in the stratosphere.

Angel Collinson, Neacola Mountains, Alaska. (photo by Adam Clark)
Angel Collinson, Neacola Mountains, Alaska. (photo by Adam Clark)

She’s just come off a win of the Red Bull Cold Rush comp, she was the first woman to win Powder Magazine’s Line of the Year, and she has two recent TGR segments that the entire internet is watching and rewatching. And more impressive than all that is how well Angel is handling the spotlight.

Some of the things we discuss:

• Growing up across the street from Snowbird

• How a cute coach she had as a kid might be responsible for the success she’s enjoying today

• “Women’s-specific” equipment

• The fact that she studied philosophy in college (and why you probably should, too)

• Filming with Ian McIntosh and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa (and who’s cooler, Ian or Sage)

• Laser Tag

• Candy (Angel is an expert. No joke.)

• Her new sponsors, Red Bull & Volkl)

• Self-marketing & social media (and her advice to those coming up and interested in becoming a pro)

• Her favorite audiobooks and podcasts

• and more…

You are going to want to listen to this podcast, and you’re going to want to watch these videos:

Angel’s segment from TGR’s Almost Ablaze:

Angel’s Segment from TGR’s Paradise Waits:

Angel at Red Bull Cold Rush:

Red Bull Cold Rush 2016 People’s Choice – Angel Collinson

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