Daron Rahlves – World Champion Downhiller, Big Mtn Skier, Banzai Master (Ep.11)

Simply put, Daron Rahlves is the man. He is the most decorated American male Downhill and Super G skier in history, with 12 World Cup race wins, 28 World Cup podium finishes, and 7 US National Titles. And after a dominant career in downhill, Daron transitioned to skier cross competition, then transitioned again a few years later to big mountain skiing, where he filmed with both Warren Miller and Teton Gravity Research. (And there’s a whole lot more that Rahlves has accomplished, too much to go into.)

In short, few (if any) skiers have exhibited the versatility and had the broad-ranging success that Daron has.

Daron Rahlves, the Blister Podcast
Daron Rahlves in Petersburg, Alaska, while filming for TGR’s “Light the Wick.”


Then in 2011, Daron started the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour, and the 6th edition of the Banzai Tour takes place this weekend, February 27-28.

Daron Rahlves talks to Jonathan Ellsworth for the Blister Podcast.
Daron Rahlves (and everyone else) getting loose on the Bonzai Tour.

So we talked to Daron about the upcoming Banzai Tour and a whole bunch of other stuff, including:

• His background + World Cup and Olympic competition

• The perfect week: skiing pow with Jonny Moseley and Shane McConkey, then heading off to race

• His favorite memory of Shane

• Whether he would compete in ski racing or freeride comps if he were a kid today?

• His favorite racers to watch these days

• Whether he thinks freeride / big mountain skiing should be in the Olympics

• Why he considers the Banzai Tour to be “the purest form of racing.”

• And why it’s important to maintain his title as the reigning Bonzai Master (aside from the fact that it’s the coolest title ever)

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Daron Rahlves talks to Jonathan Ellsworth for the Blister Podcast.
Kyle Coxon, the young buck coming after Rahlves’ Banzai Master title.
Daron Rahlves talks to Jonathan Ellsworth for the Blister Podcast.
Chasing the Master, Daron Rahlves.

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