Everest Guide & Ski Patroller, Dave Hahn (Ep.12)

In today’s episode, we talk to Dave Hahn, an extremely accomplished mountain guide who has summited Everest 15 times (more times than any non-Sherpa climber). He’s summited North America’s highest peak, Denali, 21 times over the course of 30 expeditions. And Dave was a key member of the team that discovered the remains of legendary explorer George Mallory at 27,000 feet on Mount Everest‘s North Face. And if that wasn’t enough, Dave is also a veteran ski patroller at Taos Ski Valley.

We sat down with Dave to talk about books, movies, Penguins (!), his take on the recent Everest movie, his assessment of the current state of “the Everest industry,” why he’s so awestruck by a number of the clients he’s guided over the years, and why for him, the only thing harder than an Everest expedition is not going to Everest.

This is a conversation that I highly recommend you to listen to from beginning to end. Dave is an exemplary study in achievement, humility, doing what you love, and refusing to live life according to the expectations of others. And the further we get into this conversation, the clearer all of that becomes.


Blister Podcast with Dave Hahn - Everest Mountain Guide, Taos Ski Patroller
Dave Hahn

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  1. Listened to it twice, fantastic fantastic stuff. This should be required listening for an industry full of self-promotion and look how rad I am B.S.

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