Blister’s Bike Editor, Noah Bodman (Ep.15)

It’s time to talk bikes, so we brought in Blister’s bike editor, Noah Bodman.

Noah Bodman on the Blister Podcast for Blister Gear Review.
Noah Bodman, Whistler, BC.

Noah and I talk about a whole bunch of stuff, including:

• What the ‘Most Montana’ town in Montana is?

• Aaron Gwin’s impressive world cup victory in Lourdes, France, on his new bike

• Whether Noah thinks I could beat Gwin down a DH course if I got to ride a DH bike and he had to ride a hardtail

• Why Noah doesn’t think I should shoot Gwin in the leg in Butte, Montana (You’re going to have to listen to the end to hear that part. It’s worth it. Promise.)

• The most intriguing new bikes this season

• 27.5″ vs. 29″ — where are we in the war of the wheel sizes?

• Carbon wheels vs. Aluminum wheels — which riders would benefit most by going to carbon?

• The pros and cons of all the new bike standards (including “Boost”, and what the real implications of all of these new options will be over the next 5 to 10 years.

• The “Best Bets” for bikes – which bikes Noah thinks amount to the surest things, the safest recommendations to a broad range of riders.

• Why I’m excited to go to Butte, MT, and whether or not Noah will ever be able to safely set foot in Butte after this podcast…


• Noah’s article on Evolving Bike Standards

• Noah, shooting bike gear:

• Gwin’s Winning Ride in Lourdes, France:


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