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Blister Podcast, Blister ReviewBrendan Leonard is one of our favorite authors and favorite people. He’s also the creator of one of our favorite websites, If you don’t know Semi-Rad, you need to.

Blister Podcast with Brendan Leonard, creator of
Brendan Leonard

Brendan has a new book out, called, Sixty Meters to Anywhere. So it was a good time to bring Brendan onto the podcast to talk about the book, and a bunch of other things, such as:

• Some of Brendan’s upcoming projects, including a book about art, a book about pizza, and a book about football (that I might have to force him to write).

• Why Brendan is being drawn toward films & filmmaking

• Addiction

• Distraction (and social media and phones and dopamine)

• On being “busy,” and why Brendan tries to avoid using the term

• Kanye West (!!!)

• Coffee — and why I think Brendan is wrong to be trying to cut back on his consumption

Brendan is a great storyteller, so if you love the outdoors and have ever been tempted to pick up a pen or a camera to document your experience, you ought to listen to this podcast.

Show Notes

• Trailer for Brendan’s new Book:

• Purchase Sixty Meters to Anywhere

• Brendan’s Most Popular Post: Did You Have a Good Adventure?

• Brendan’s Recent Video Project:

Our Review of Brendan’s Book, The New American Road Trip Mixtape

• Brendan’s Book Recommendations:

Marlon James, A Brief History of Seven Killings

Kevin Barry, There are Little Kingdoms: Stories

• The Aaron Draplin / Graphic Design Video Brendan Discusses:

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