Blister’s Bike Editor, Noah Bodman (Ep.20)

This week’s podcast somehow ended up being about topics that begin with the letter ‘B’ — Noah and I talk about bikes; Brexit; Butte (Montana); Brady (Tom), the best bike movie, bands (Noah’s favorites) … I could go on.

Noah Bodman podcast blister gear review.
Noah Bodman, Whistler BC.

And we even discuss one or two things that don’t start with the second letter of the alphabet, like the new SRAM Eagle 1×12 drivetrain; the current state of bike trails access and advocacy, and whether or not we can expect to see bike trails in wilderness areas, etc.


Topics & Times:

• How Noah spent the 4th of July (2:50)

• Why Noah hates Butte, Montana (3:05)

• Noah enlightens us about Brexit (4:45)

• Noah tries to explain Trump and Hilary to me (7:00)

• Noah’s top 3 favorite bands (that we’re not sure actually exist) (8:02)

• What Noah learned on Blister’s recent bike review trip to Whistler (9:42)

• Peachios! (10:30)

• Best method to carry water on a bike: fanny packs vs. water bottles vs. hydration packs vs. bibs (11:25)

• Noah and I debate which bike race / bike event is the greatest in the world (12:35)

• New bike tech: what trends do I have to familiarize myself with now? (16:58)

• Which bike company is bucking the trends to get lower, longer, slacker? (18:00)

• SRAM Eagle: do I need 12 speeds? (19:50)

• Clipless pedals vs. Flats: which is trending? (22:50)

• E-bikes: are they currently more of a thing or less of a thing? (23:40)

• The part in the podcast where you can actually hear Noah blow my mind (26:50)

• What bike movie should I watch? (29:00)

• Bike advocacy: How to go about improving trails & trail access (33:35)

• The conflict between mountain bikers and other wilderness users — IMBA / Sustainable Trails Coalition vs. the Sierra Club & the Wilderness Society (36:50)

• What Noah is reviewing now & what’s up next (40:48)

• Heroin vs. Carbon Wheels? Which is worse? (42:28)

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