New Ski Gear Report from Craigieburn Valley, New Zealand (Ep.25)

We recorded this podcast in Canterbury, New Zealand, where we were wrapping up our annual southern hemisphere ski review trip from one of our favorite ski areas in the world, Craigieburn Valley Ski Area.

On the last night of our trip, our group sat down to talk about some of the gear we’d been testing. In on the conversation are Blister reviewers Paul Forward, who lives in Alaska; Cy Whitling, who lives in Idaho; and Brian Lindahl, who is in Colorado.

The Blister Podcast - new ski gear, from Craigieburn Valley Ski Area
A post-podcast drink at Craigieburn Valley, with CV’s own Tyler Ahles behind the bar.

The four of us talk skis — the Kastle BMX 105 HP, Moment Bibby Tour, Salomon QST 106, Armada ARV 106, 4FRNT Raven, and others — which of them surprised us the most, which impressed us most, and which skis we’d most want to add to our quivers this season. We also discuss the Salomon MTN Lab boot vs. the new Tecnica Zero G Pro, and we may or may not also talk about Millennials and Tinder profiles.


Topics & Times:

• Gear that surprised you the most?

• A/B Results: Salomon MTN Lab boot vs. Tecnica Zero G Pro

• A/B Results: Armada ARV 106 vs. K2 Marksman

• If you had to spend the entire upcoming season on one of the skis we brought, which would you pick?

• Which of the skis we have down here would you most want to add to your regular quiver?

• Paul Forward offers his take on Millennials

• Which reviewer won the most spectacular crash award on this trip?

• Tinder profile advice from Cy Whitling

• A quick word on the new Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 AT Boot

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  1. Bump! Lots of interesting thoughts here on the Bibby Tour, but no further specs or test notes I could find on the site. Could I humbly request posting the dimensions, actual weight, rocker profile, etc. as a “flash review”?
    I’m looking to replace ~115mm touring skis I don’t love (Voile V8: 9mm of camber = stupid-hooky in variable Sierra snow), and the Bibby Tour looks like a strong contender.

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