Brendan Leonard, (Ep.28)

Today on the podcast we welcome back one of our favorite people, Brendan Leonard, the creator of

Blister Podcast with Brendan Leonard, creator of
Brendan Leonard

We had Brendan on the Blister Podcast last May to talk about his book, Sixty Meters to Anywhere. Today, the occasion is the recent release of Brendan’s new very good and very useful little book, Make it Till You Make It: 40 Myths and Truths about Creating. For anyone that is thinking about taking on virtually any new venture, this inexpensive little book is worth your time.

Brendan and I talk about How to get started, Why to get started, and What it takes to keep going.


  • The reception of Brendan’s book, “60 Meters from Anywhere” — and what it’s like to do a 43-stop Book Tour (5:50)
  • About Brendan’s Brand New Book, “Make it Till You Make It” (16:00)
  • On How — and How Not — to Get Started (22:29)
  • The Difference Between Art and Narcissism (24:33)
  • How to Deal with Criticism — and Internet Trolls (25:39)
  • Saying Yes to Things that Terrify You (31:50)
  • On Busy-ness (39:11)
  • Book, Movie, and Music Recommendations from Brendan (47:05)
  • Brendan’s foray into film making (56:00)


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