Report from Bachelor + Meet the New Reviewers (Ep.29)

From Wallstreet Suites in Bend, we announce a new, special-edition Blister Pro that’s about to be released; you’ll learn a lot more about Andrew Forward and David Steele — two of our newer reviewers who both happen to be really interesting people; we talk to them about growing up in Alaska; speed flying; Glacier National Park; and you’ll hear a funny and rather painful anecdote about a ski touring mission that Cy and David undertook together last spring. Oh, and you’ll also hear us sing the praises once again of Bend’s Super Burrito, because one can never sing its praises enough.

On this Blister Podcast, we talk to Cy Whitling, David Steele, and Andrew Forward
Cy Whitling, David Steele, Andrew Forward, and Jonathan Ellsworth, at Wallstreet Suites.


  • Meet the new reviewers (2:30)
  • Our take on Bachelor and a recap of the week (4:00)
  • News about the release of a special-edition Blister Pro (7:50)
  • Andrew Forward’s story: Growing up in Alaska, why he turned from skiing to snowboarding; the job that allows him to stop working and ride all winter long; etc. (10:00)
  • David Steele’s story: Growing up in Kalispell, Montana – from mogul skier to park rat to backcountry beast; (16:06)
  • Cy and David recount their most excellent “adventure” skiing Mt. Olympus, Washington (19:00)
  • David’s deep relationship with Glacier National Park (34:45)
  • Andrew’s new obsession: Speed Flying (aka, “Kite Running”??) (39:30)
  • David on skiing and climbing and teaching — and why he loves them all (49:00)
  • Super Burrito! (And the new special-edition Blister Pro…) (54:50)


  • Cy’s Original Blister Drawing:
Cy Whitling's Blister drawing / doodle / art
Blister, by Cy Whitling

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