SIA Snow Show 2017 — Overview & Trends (Ep.32)

In this episode, we’re talking about the brand new gear we just saw in Denver Colorado at the SIA Snow Show, the annual tradeshow for all things snowsports.

We spent four very full days walking the floors of the Colorado Convention Center and having too many meetings to count with various brands to see what they are coming out with next year. So in this conversation, I’m joined by Blister’s Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa to talk about the most intriguing, the most head scratching, and the most bizarre new stuff we saw at the show.

Some of the New Products We Discuss:

Scarpa Maestrale; Armada ARV 116; Scott S1 130 AT Boot; Atomic Hawx XTD 130 AT Boot; G3 Sender 112 Touring / 50-50 Ski; Patagonia Descensionist Touring Kit; Patagonia Descensionist Pack; Advances in airbag packs; Polartec Neoshell 2.0; Polartec; Alpha Direct; Metal in Skis; Scott Skis: the new lineup, including the Scrapper 115 and Punisher 105; Nordica’s expanding Enforcer line; Nordica’s women’s skis; Sego Skis — and Blades (!); Fischer Ranger 115; Nordica Enforcer Pro; Fischer RC4 130; K2’s new carvers; Black Crows lineup & their new Vertis.

Upcoming Event:

We’re proud to be participating in Breckenridge’s upcoming Women’s Skis Week, which runs from February 11th through the 19th.

Breckenridge has shown a deep commitment to helping women of all ages and abilities grow their skills and their passion for skiing. Breck’s Women’s Week is designed by women for women, and there are a whole host of events thoughout the week for women of all abilities and interest levels.

The crowned jewel of the week is the Women’s Ski Camp, which runs from February 17th through the 19th. This is phenomenal 3-day ski experience, and the ski camp is run by Breck’s best instructors. And as an additional bonus, two blister reviewers, Kristin Sinnott and Sascha Anastas, will be participating in the Ski Camp. These happen to be two of our favorite people in the whole world to go skiing with, and we’re certain that all the ski camp participants will have a great time getting to know them and ski with them.

Women’s ski week at Breck kicks off on the 11th with a free SheJumps mountain outing. There is also a Ski Girls Rock lesson developed for young women; a Women & Wine half day clinic followed by, yep, apres wine; and then there are yoga classes and other social events that will allow you to connect off the mountain, too.

Click to Learn more about Women’s Ski Week at Breck

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  1. Be interested to hear more on the Lotus 138’s. I’ve been looking for a pair this year and it sounds like they were all but non-existent. DPS said there was another production run later in the season coming but I’d be interested to know if this is an updated Alchemist version or more supply of the previous iteration.

  2. I talked to DPS on the phone about the Spoon and 138. They’re taking them out of the regular lineup and are essentially “replacing” them with the more versatile Lotus 124. They will run them in their limited “powderworks” line at some point though, so the shapes stay. When exactly that happens is unclear. They say that this allows them to put the newest construction / layup technology into the skis, without having to produce big batches.

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