Magnus Granér, X Games Real Ski Gold Medalist (Ep.36)

Magnus Granér is different, and “different” seems to be trending. He just won the Gold Medal at the X Games Real Ski contest, he’s a member of one of the most interesting and influential film crews out there, The Bunch, and he is almost certainly going to be the first skier on Mars.

Magnus Graner on the Blister Podcast
Magnus Granér, wallride 270 to rail. (photo by Jamie Walter)

Magnus skis different, came up different (e.g., floorball, husky racing), thinks different, and so far, all of this has added up to one very interesting life.

In our conversation, Magnus and I talk about growing up in Sweden; attending the weirdest / coolest school I’ve ever heard of; participating in the SLVSH CUP; the formation of The Bunch; his Real Ski win; his take on the current state of park and urban skiing, and more.

Whether or not you’re into park or urban skiing, you’re going to want to listen to this one.


  • Magnus in Zermatt (1:45)
  • Andorra & SLVSH CUP (3:45)
  • Growing up in Hörnefors, Sweden — and growing up snowboarding (13:10)
  • Playing soccer, “floorball”, and husky racing (16:05)
  • Thinking / Not Thinking (19:22)
  • How you got from just starting to ski to where you are right now? (22:31)
  • True Story: Magnus attends the weirdest / coolest school ever (24:45)
  • The Formation of The Bunch (31:15)
  • Creation Nation (33:58)
  • X Games Real Ski — from getting invited to winning the Gold (37:55)
  • Scaring yourself vs. making urban more fun & accessible (44:30)
  • Magnus on Henrik Harlaut (48:37)
  • Re: the peanut butter 450 on (54:35)
  • On the closing shot of Magnus’ real ski edit (56:45)
  • LJ Strenio’s crash reel (59:27)
  • The Bunch: How would you describe it? (01:03:00)
  • Dancing (01:07:35)
  • India, Russia, China: the state of skiing internationally (01:10:23)
  • Your pro model / working with ON3P Skis (01:15:00)
  • What’s next? (01:18:35)

Magnus Graner on the Blister Podcast
Magnus Graner in Jingshan Park, Beijing, China.

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