New Gear – Powder Skis with Paul Forward (Ep.37)

Today on the podcast we are talking again with Blister reviewer, Paul Forward, the Alaskan heli guide who we spoke with a couple of podcasts back (Ep. 34).

Paul Forward, Powder Skis, on the Blister Podcast
Paul Forward on the DPS Lotus 124 Alchemist (photo by Adam Clark).

This has shaped up to be a very good winter in the Chugach, so Paul has been getting a lot of time in on some fat skis, and I wanted to talk to him about a number of them.


  • DPS Lotus 124 Alchemist (3:30)
  • 16/17 Blizzard Spur (10:48)
  • New HEAD Kore 117 (22:23)
  • On the trend of pow skis getting narrower (24:44)
  • Liberty Genome (27:55)
  • Salomon QST 118 (29:33)
  • 4FRNT Renegade, w/ comparisons to the 4FRNT Raven (35:48)

3 comments on “New Gear – Powder Skis with Paul Forward (Ep.37)”

  1. Very interested in your review on the Genome. Crazy wide, but the place that makes sense, to me, is at areas where the pitch is shallow, and the snow is NOT blower quality, allowing far more turns than previously.

    I’ve noticed this every single time that I (reluctantly) stepped up in width from 80 to 90 to 100 to finally 115 at my less-than-super-steep home area of Mt. Hood Meadows.

    I’ve spoken with Liberty directly, and it seems that the driving force in bringing this ski back is that a good number of Mt. Baker Ski Patrollers use it, and love it, and wanted a new pair. Seems like a reasonably good endorsement.

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