New Bike Stuff! (Ep.39)

We’re talking again to Blister’s bike editor, Noah Bodman, about what’s interesting in the world of bikes this season, where the most innovations are taking place, whether Noah thinks that 26” wheels will eventually make a comeback, and whether e-bikes are gaining public acceptance.

Noah and I also discuss several particular bikes, including the YT Jeffsy, the Canyon Spectral, and a couple of “plus” bikes — the Scott Spark Plus and the Scott Genius LT Plus. Then Noah and I wrap up the conversation with some predictions about the World Cup downhill season that starts this week.


  • What’s interesting this season? (2:10)
  • Are e-bikes gaining public acceptance? (4:50)
  • Death-O-Meter: How dead are 26” wheels? (9:28)
  • Where are we seeing the most innovations in bike stuff? (14:05)
  • Specific Bikes: YT Jeffsy 29 (21:10)
  • Canyon Spectral (23:10)
  • Scott Spark Plus & Scott Genius LT Plus (24:45)
  • The upcoming Word Cup DH Season — who are you betting on? (29:09)
  • 29ers on the WC DH circuit (32:33)
Noah Bodman on the Blister Podcast
Noah Bodman riding Jackson’s trail on the Scott Genius LT Plus, Moab, Utah.

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