Michelle Parker — Skier, Climber, Biker, “Pretend Band Member” … (Ep.42)

This week we talked to Michelle Parker, a big-mountain skier with a racing and slopestyle background who does a whole lot more than just ski. As you’ll hear, Michelle is a passionate climber and biker and avalanche-awareness advocate and … burgeoning musician.

Michelle Parker, skier, on the Blister Podcast
Michelle Parker, shown here not climbing, biking, swimming, playing the ukulele, or writing songs.

Michelle and I talk about what she’s up to now, her recent joining of the Arc’teryx team, and her trajectory from ski racing to slopestyle and half-pipe competitor, to big-mountain skier. We also talk gear for a bit — especially women’s skis and women’s boots — then talk about the good work of S.A.F.E.A.S. Clinics, the organization that Michelle is a part of that’s tailored to women and designed to increase avalanche safety and awareness.

We then talk about some of our greatest fears, which include trying to keep up with Greg Hill on a skin track, mountain lions (and how they are also one of Michelle’s greatest motivating factors), and then I admit to some really embarrassing stuff about sharks.

Michelle’s energy is pretty contagious, so if you want to be inspired to push yourself to continue to grow and to keep exploring new paths, you’re likely going to love this conversation.

Topics & Times:

  • Michelle’s recent and upcoming trips (2:05)
  • Joining the Arc’teryx team, and why it’s a good fit (4:34)
  • Where are you on the gear-head spectrum between “Don’t care” and “Eric Hjorleifson” (8:35)
  • Michelle’s current one-ski quiver (12:28)
  • The age-old topic of women’s-specific skis and boots, and why it matters so much (17:12)
  • Michelle’s background: racing, soccer, slopestyle, halfpipe, big mountain skiing (24:12)
  • Climbing (31:05)
  • S.A.F.E.A.S. Clinics (34:03)
  • Outside of skiing & climbing, what else are you up to? (37:50)
  • Michelle’s “pretend band” (46:43)
  • Upcoming Trips & who she’s going with (49:00)
  • Biking (and Swimming) (51:15)
  • Ski touring with Greg Hill — and Mountain Lions??? (56:30)

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