Freeride World Tour skier, Garrett Altmann (Ep.5)

We talk to Garrett Altmann, a three-time competitor on the Freeride World Tour, as well as a Blister reviewer—one of our original reviewers, in fact.

We talk to Garrett about his background: growing up racing and mogul skiing, his time on the US ski team, filming with Warren Miller movies, and more.

Garrett is leaving in just a couple days to head to Europe for the start of the Freeride World Tour, so we talk to him about the FWT: about some of the venues, Garrett’s mindset heading into the tour; and his strategy this season—how he thinks about ‘Risk vs. Reward’ — that constant inner struggle of whether to pick a conservative line, play it safe, and just stay on your feet, Vs. saying, “Screw It,” and just Going Big.

We also talk about some rule changes that we’d like to see the FWT adopt, and why these FWT comps are even harder, scarier, and more demanding than they look.


Show Notes:

Garrett’s ski review of the Scott Punisher

Garrett’s article on qualifying for the FWT

FWT14 – Garrett Altmann – Chamonix Mont Blanc by FreerideWorldTourTV

FWT14 – GOPRO Run of Garrett Altmann – Chamonix… by FreerideWorldTourTV

FWT15 – Run of Garrett Altmann (USA) Swatch… by FreerideWorldTourTV

FWT15 – Run of Garrett Altmann (USA) Swatch… by FreerideWorldTourTV

Comp Photos of Garrett

Blister Podcast - Garrett Altmann, Freeride World Tour competitor
FWT competitor & Blister reviewer, Garrett Altmann
Freeride World Tour skier, Garrett Altmann (Ep.5), BLISTER
Garrett Altmann, World Championships in AK.
FWT Andorra Trip Report, Blister Gear Review
Garrett Altmann, Vallnord Arcalis – Andorra stop of the FWT.

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