Eric Hjorleifson on Ski Design & Pillow Lines (Ep.51)

Eric Hjorleifson is one of the best big-mountain skiers of all-time, and when it comes to skiing pillow lines, Hoji is basically in a league of his own.

Eric Hjorleifson talks about the 4FRNT Raven, Hoji, and Renegade on the blister podcast
Eric Hjorleifson in British Columbia on 3.24.17. (photo by Sam Watson)

But in addition to being a grand master of big mountain skiing, Eric is known for being one of the master tinkerers in the ski industry, and someone who absolutely obsesses over ski, boot and bindings design.

So given that we just published this past week our full review of the 4FRNT Raven — a ski designed by Hoji — we figured this would be a good time to talk to Eric about the Raven and its relatives, the 4FRNT Skis Renegade and the Hoji, and the ski that really started it all, the EHP.

Eric and I had a great conversation, but it was so good that we talked for almost four hours. So we’ve decided to edit our conversation down quite a bit, then, break the conversation into two separate podcasts.

So in this episode, Eric and I start by talking about ski design in general, and the evolution of his Renegade, Hoji, and Raven in particular. We then talk about the similarities and differences of skiing spines vs skiing pillows — plus get his thoughts on the spine skiing of previous blister podcast guest Sage Cattabriga-Alosa.

And then in our Part-2 podcast, Eric and I discuss the state of the ski industry, the ski boot that Hjorleifson has been working on relentlessly for years now, and some other stuff inside and outside the world of skiing.

Topics & Times

  • How and When did you first get involved with 4FRNT Skis? (4:35)
  • The 4FRNT EHP (9:00)
  • The 4FRNT Renegade and its evolution (14:45)
  • The 4FRNT Raven (25:46)
  • The 4FRNT Hoji — is the Hoji just a wider version of the Raven? (31:08)
  • Hoji vs Raven vs. Renegade (45:27)
  • Eric’s take on mount points, and where he personally mounts the Hoji, Renegade, and Raven (49:57)
  • Skiing pillows vs skiing spines (1:02:25)

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  1. Best blister podcast ever – and there’s been some good ones. Listened 3 times, and not ruling out a fourth, although I always get scared your head is going to explode when Hoji explains his mount point philosophy

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