Eric Hjorleifson on Skiing Trends & His Boot Project (Ep.52)

Our last podcast was part 1 of my conversation with Eric Hjorleifson, so if you haven’t already listened to that, you should.

Eric Hjorleifson (Hoji) on the Blister Podcast
Eric Hjorleifson touring in Golden, British Columbia. (photo by Sam Watson)

Here in part 2, I get Eric’s take on the state of the ski industry (some of the positive and less positive trends he’s seeing these days) his approach to product design in general, and in particular, the AT boot that he’s been working on for years now.


  • Hoji on the state of skiing today + a quick history of his trajectory in the industry (2:30)
  • Eric’s take on weight / lightweight gear (9:03)
  • State of the ski industry, part 2 (15:38)
  • Getting gnar and midlife crises (18:45)
  • Matt Sterbenz, Jason Levinthal, and the future of 4FRNT Skis (22:13)
  • What do you think your future looks like in the next 5-10 years? (27:47)
  • On mountain biking, climbing, and the fun of being a novice (31:20)
  • Hoji’s boot project, and why he believes it represents the next chapter in ski boot design (34:58)

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