Flylow Co-Founder, Dan Abrams (Ep.53)

Dan Abrams started Flylow with a group of friends back in 2004, and Flylow pretty quickly became a brand favorite of skiers who weren’t wearing skin-tight race wear or super-slim mountaineering gear. And since those early years, Flylow has experienced pretty consistent and very impressive growth.

Flylow founder, Dan Abrams, on the Blister Podcast
Dan Abrams, Flylow Co-Founder (photo by Adam Clark)

As you’ll hear, Dan is a very interesting guy and a true ski bum at heart. He and I discuss everything from whether and when a ski bum ought to have kids; why Dan once stripped off all of his clothes at a bar; how the outerwear industry is different now than it was back when Dan started Flylow; and Dan then drops some breaking news about a new technology that Flylow has been developing and will be rolling out soon.


  • Kids names, kids, and being a ski bum with kids (2:30)
  • How & when did Flylow get started? (8:28)
  • At what point did it finally feel like you were past the startup phase? (13:48)
  • How different are things now in the outerwear industry than they were back in 2004/05? (14:51)
  • How similar or different are your biggest challenges these days vs the challenges you faced in the early days of Flylow? (19:19)
  • What current trends do you like, and which do you dislike? (26:30)
  • What current tech are you excited about? (29:11)
  • Breaking News: Dan talks about the new tech Flylow has been developing (30:52)
  • Dan’s personal favorite Flylow piece (34:14)

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  1. I’m working on Blister podcasts from episode 1. I just hit this. In the past you had ski manufacturer round tables that were really good. It’d be an interesting the get a ski manufacturer (J Lev is always good) and the appearal/equipment side on the line and talk about how Covid affected the last year, and their thoughts for the next year. I assume everyone is in planning/panic mode. Your take on this would be interesting considering you review them.

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