Cody Townsend – Skier, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur (Ep.6)

In this episode, we talk to one of the most prominent big-mountain skiers in the world, Cody Townsend.


Cody’s been staring in ski movies since he was 19 years old, he’s recently been making his own films while simultaneously running a company, Arcade Belt Co. So we talk to Cody about skiing, filming, and entrepreneurship, including:

His background (including a great story about Cody not exactly fitting in with the other ski racers).

Our product of the year, the Salomon MTN Lab AT boot (see our reviews).

Skiing consequential lines on skis that are not traditional big-mountain chargers (the Salomon Rocker2 122 and the Salomon MTN Lab 114).

Cody’s take on the next revolution in skiing.

Filmmaking, and the Rise of Indie Film Projects — including Cody’s own Conquering the Useless. (See our take on Conquering the Useless, and order Conquering the Useles here.)

A discussion of the best ski movie ever, Cody’s recent favorites, and the future of ski movies.

Cody’s company, Arcade Belt Co., the grind of running a company, the pros and cons of starting a company, and the reasons why VC investor, Chris Sacca, is impressed with Arcade’s products.

• Podcasts: why we love them, and which ones are Cody’s favorites.

More Show Notes

Cody’s Line of the Year:

• Blister’s take on Arcade belts

Some of the Films Cody and I discuss:

Blister Gear Review podcast Cody Townsend
Typical evening for Cody and his wife, Elyse Saugstad.

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