Blister’s Best Bets & Week in Review (Ep.9)

This week on the podcast (and fresh off the SIA tradeshow) Jonathan Ellsworth and associate editor, Cy Whitling, talk about some of the new gear we’ve been on.

And we discuss an article we posted this week, “Blister’s Best Bets,” which includes our selection of skis that, in our opinion, are the safest bets, no-brainers, surest things: Which skis can appeal to the broadest range of skiers, guarantee a great time to the broadest audience? These are our picks.

(What are yours?)


• Photos from this past week of testing:

Blister Podcast for Blister Gear Review.
Associate editor, Cy Whitling, Taos, NM.
Blister Podcast for Blister Gear Review.
Jonathan Ellsworth on the J Skis “The Metal”
Blister Podcast for Blister Gear Review.
Jonathan Ellsworth on the new Fischer RC4 Curv (120-74-104 mm)

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5 comments on “Blister’s Best Bets & Week in Review (Ep.9)”

  1. RE: Podcast
    I think the podcast should be broken down into, sections.. touring, front side, etc.
    Ex. I have no desire to spend my time listening to ‘touring’.

    Previous review, your statement saying not much difference between last year Cochise,
    and new carbon tip/tail; I couldn’t disagree more. New Cochise sooo much easier, quicker.
    Also, skied new Brama with carbon… woo hoo…

    Fischer.. at a retail level, and from past retail sales, Fischer has a lot of negatives to
    overcome. Ski well, but wear one out by lunch.

    • That’s an interesting question, Greg — in part because it’s not an obvious question. On the face of it, these two skis really don’t have anything in common. But if you thought of The Metal as a more directional Bacon with a flatter tail and a bit of added stiffness … you wouldn’t be wrong. On paper, the previous SFB shouldn’t be a ski that I personally am that into. But I cite it all the time as an example of a not-very-stiff ski that still works well as an all-mountain ski because it’s (not very stiff) flex pattern is consistent. It creates a big sweet spot and a fun ride … things I’d say about The Metal, too.

  2. For front side, off piste and moguls, I would recommend checking out the head monster 88. Holds and carves almost as well as my Stockli laser Sc, but a forgiving mobster off piste.

  3. Jonathan, I liked the podcast, I have these same conversations with my friends. What I like the most is the depth of your reviews, the number of days you guys put into equipment is really the only way to get an accurate measurement of how a ski, boot, jacket, bike etc. truly performs.

    I am a bit confused by Bob’s comment regarding Fischer. I had the original Motive 88 and put over 100 days on them, they were rock solid, I currently ski the Motive 86, it skis exactly as your review states, Fischer makes a high quality ski. I do agree with his image statement, Fischer has not been a Cool brand to date with the younger crowd but it is changing slowly because they are making some great products.

    In regard to the New Cochise vs. the Old one I would say it’s personal preference. I skied the new Cochise in variable snow back to back with my 13-14 Cochise. The new one is easy and quick, it was fun but I feel it lacks the solid crud crushing demeanor of the original. For me I like the old one but I can see why people would like the new one.

    Looking forward to the Head Monster reviews.

    Keep up the good work.


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