Luke Jacobson – Moment Skis (Ep.22)

Luke Jacobson has been Moment’s head ski designer, and he is also now Moment’s new CEO.

Luke Jacobson Podcast blister gear review.
Luke Jacobson, grinding edges.

Luke and I talk about their new 16/17 lineup (including the new Meridian, the new Bibby Tour, and the redesigned Tallac), and Luke breaks some exclusive news about two other new skis. We also discuss how Moment’s rather unique aesthetic came to be, why Luke thinks that the “Deathwish” isn’t the worst name ever for a ski, and more…



• Talk about your new role at Moment, and what you guys are up to now? (1:50)

• What do you miss about the early days of Moment, and what don’t you miss? (5:55)

• The 16/17 lineup of skis, starting with the redesigned Tallac (9:55)

• The new Bibby Tour (13:15)

• The new Meridian, and how it evolved from the Chipotle Banana (16:25)

• What’s your current favorite ski in the line? (21:20)

• Breaking News: Luke announces a new ski (23:50)

• More Breaking News: Luke announces another new ski, the “Chief Commander” (25:25)

• Art and the ‘Moment aesthetic’ (32:15)

• Music – what Luke’s listening to (40:55)

• Outside of skiing, what are you into these days? (Answer: aerobatic flying?!?) (43:15)

• Luke’s DJ name (48:50)

• Wes Anderson films! (50:20)

• How drunk were you when you named a ski, the “Deathwish”? (~52:00)

• Ski Shops (59:00)

• Bidets, and why Moment is a more eco-friendly company than ON3P (1:04:55)


• Learn More about The Holland Project (because it’s awesome)


Luke Jacobson Podcast blister gear review.
Luke Jacobson, Mt Rose, CA.

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  1. Great Interview! Informative, authentic and actually quite funny. As for the deathwish – it is one of my favourate ski names of all time (and I am not certain whether I ever was really drunk at all in my life) and runner up just after the jaguar shark (which also leads the podium for best ski graphic ever – first season graphic with the shark mutant holding the puppy).

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